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Special Needs Policy

Temple Solel Policy

Supporting Youth with Special Needs


The Temple Solel School welcomes and supports all students in the Early Childhood Center, Religious School and congregational activities/events. Every child/youth is treated with respect and kindness.  The school maintains this policy that supports students with special needs who participate in any activity, including but not limited to, one-day and overnight field trips.  Students with special needs are provided with accommodations and support necessary to make the activity a success for them and all other participating youth.


If a Temple Solel youth participant has special needs, and his/her class is going on an all-day or overnight field trip, the following will take place before the trip:

  • The parent(s) will provide any IEP’s and/or behavior intervention plans that offer information to the Temple Solel School staff about the needs and accommodations of the identified youth.     
  • The parents will meet with the Temple Solel School Director coordinating the trip/activity.  The parent(s) and Director will collaborate to address potential concern and document accommodations/strategies that will be followed by the staff when necessary.
  • If the Temple Solel School Director decides the youth requires a one-on-one Temple-approved ozer (helper) during the trip, Temple Solel will pay up to $100 for a one-day trip and up to $300 for a trip that is three days or more.  Parents will pay the balance of the cost of the one-on-one helper.
  • When necessary, the parent(s), Temple Solel School Director and ozer (when applicable) will meet with the student before the trip to review both Temple and family expectations. 
  • In order to provide the best experience for the identified youth, the staff will assess the need to meet before the trip with the other students and his or her family who may be involved in supporting this policy to ensure accommodations for the identified youth are supported and all participants gain the best experience possible from the activity.
  • If, after discussing and consulting with qualified professionals about the needs and accommodations of the student, the Temple Solel School staff believe emotional or physical safety of any student is at risk, the Director holds the right to refuse participation/attendance for any youth/participant.

If during an event/activity the behavior plan is unsuccessful, the Temple Solel Director maintains the final decision to ensure safety for all participating youth.

The Temple Solel School is committed to providing excellent learning and social experiences for all its students.  Following the actions in the policy above will assure success for all the students participating in the trip.

Tue, October 20 2020 2 Cheshvan 5781