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Hebrew School Weekdays


The main focus of our Hebrew school is to teach students to decode and read Hebrew, learn core Shabbat Service prayers and understand the meaning of those prayers.  To achieve that goal, the school curriculum focuses on learning Hebrew through prayer.  We divide our school into three trimesters.  Students are tested at the end of each trimester on reading and/or chanting prayers, vocabulary, grammar and prayer concepts.

Students enter Hebrew School in grade 3.  Students are placed in Hebrew classes according to their grade level.  The material covered at each grade level is listed below.  Classes are small and every effort is made to individualize instruction when necessary.  Hebrew School students have a choice of attending classes on Wednesday from 4-6pm or Sunday from 11am-noon.

If a student plans to become B’nai Mitzvah at Temple Solel, s/he must be enrolled in Religious and Hebrew school during the four years prior to Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  If your child is coming from another program, your child must have an assessment with the Hebrew School Coordinator to determine his or her Hebrew skill level.

Temple Solel offers a program which meets the needs of with students non-traditional and individualized needs: Hebrew Opportunities Program (HOP). 

Sound files for virtually every prayer of the curriculum and beyond are available online.  Click here to be directed to the prayer page.

For additional information contact: Ellen Fox, School Director,

2019-2020 Weekday Hebrew School and Kabbalat Mitzvah Year 2 Calendar
2019-2020 Hebrew School Drop In Calendar (On Tuesdays from 4-6pm for students who missed class or need extra help)

HOP (Hebrew Opportunities Program) 2019-2020 Calendars

Bet Target Dates

Bet Trimester 1 - Parent Letter
Bet Trimester 1 - Worksheet
Bet Trimester 1 - Worksheet with Answers
Bet Trimester 2 - Parent Letter
Bet Trimester 2 - Worksheet
Bet Trimester 2 - Worksheet with Answers
Bet Trimester 3 - Parent Letter
Bet Trimester 3 - Worksheet
Bet Trimester 3 - Worksheet with Answers

Gimmel Target Dates
Gimmel Trimester 1 - Kiddush Study Sheet
Gimmel Trimester 1 - Avot V’Gevurot Study Sheet
Gimmel Trimester 1 - Flashcards - Questions
Gimmel Trimester 1 - Flashcards - Answers
Gimmel Trimester 2 - Gevurot Study Sheet
Gimmel Trimester 2 - Baruch Sheamar Study Sheet
Gimmel Trimester 2 - Flashcards - Questions
Gimmel Trimester 2 - Flashcards - Answers
Gimmel Trimester 3 - Eilu Devarim Study Sheet
Gimmel Trimester 3 - Flashcards - Questions
Gimmel Trimester 3 - Flashcards - Answers

Dalet Target Dates
Dalet Trimester 1 - Worksheet
Dalet Trimester 1 - Worksheet with Answers
Dalet Trimester 2 - Worksheet
Dalet Trimester 2 - Worksheet with Answers
Dalet Trimester 3 - Worksheet
Dalet Trimester 3 - Worksheet with Answers

Classroom Brit (covenant)

Classroom Rules


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